Events and Training for Women

Outcomes and Impact: A Global OBA Summit 
10th October 2016, Waterfront Hall 

NCB are delighted to inform you that they are hosting the Global Outcomes Based Accountability Summit in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast in October 2016. The two day event will provide unprecedented access to international speakers and experts in the fields of social change, multi-party collaboration, leadership, negotiation, performance management and the outcomes based accountability framework for disciplined decision making. For more information click here.

‘Connect, Care & Share’ event
12th October 2016, Dungannon

This is an opportunity to participate in a shared, hope-driven experience for families and friends in the community whose lives have been touched by suicide. The day will be an opportunity to see what support is available across the region, to discover new self-care techniques that build resilience and to be inspired by hearing stories of how families have survived their loss. Special guest speaker Mr Christy Kenneally who will be doing an inspirational talk during the day in support of families across the region. To reserve your place on this free event, please email 
familiesvoicesforum@gmail.com or Tel 028 7161 1384


20th October 2016, Crescent Arts Centre Belfast

This years AGM will take place at 1-4pm at the Crescent Arts Centre Belfast. The theme of this years AGM is 'Why Women Only?'. Book your place 

Common Purpose Navigator Northern Ireland 
20th October 2016, Belfast 

Common Purpose Navigator is a modular leadership development programme for emerging leaders in the UK. Navigator takes you behind the scenes and immersing you in real-life challenges faced by leaders from a wide range of sectors. For more info click here.

Law Centre social justice lecture 2016
25th October 2016, Belfast

Law Centre NI The Rt Hon. the Baroness Hale of Richmond DBE, Deputy President, UK Supreme Court, will speak about social justice and human rights at the Law Centre's social justice lecture 2016. To attend the 2016 Social Justice Lecture, please RSVP by Friday 14 October 2016 to: trisha.tabet@lawcentreni.org

A focus on the new 11 councils
28th October 2016, Fermanagh House

This information session held in Fermanagh will give attendees an overview of available data on the 11 new councils in Northern Ireland. To book your place 
click here.

Belfast, a hundred years on from 1916. How do we make a fresh start?
3rd November 2016, Belfast City Hall

The conference will feature the play, The Prodger, by Tina Noonan, which is a one act play, based on the writer’s great uncle, an Irish Veteran and amputee, who survived the Somme. It is set in a bar in Lismore, Co. Waterford circa 1964. It will also look at the year past and how we can use the learning from our Commemorative activity from 1916 to continue to navigate through the remainder of the Decade of Centenaries. Johnston McMaster will provide some insight into how commemorative activity can assist us in shaping the future. To register 
click here.

Re-imagining Belfast; sharing the peace walls
8th & 10th November 2016, Belfast 

Led by Ulster University's Transitional Justice Institute with local artist David Turner and architect Michael Wilkinson, we will reimagine the peace walls as spaces for sharing and for learning about all sides of the community. For more info 
click here.

What is What Works Research?
15th November 2016, Belfast

Significant cuts in funding across health, education and social services mean that it is more important than ever to make informed decisions about what we do with limited resources. For more information click here. 

Women at the Cutting Edge: The impact of Austerity on the Women’s Sector and the Way Forward
15th November 2016, Belfast

On Tuesday 15th November Reclaim the Agenda are hosting a major Women’s Conference to explore the impact of the cuts on service delivery to women and children in local communities and to plan how we as a sector challenge these decisions. The venue is Riddell Hall Stranmillis rd Belfast BT9 5EE. More info to follow.

Age Friendly initiative Launch
16th November 2016, Lisburn

Half day conference to learn about how Age Friendly will be taken forward via the Community Planning Partnerships in Ards and North Down and Lisburn and Castlereagh. The purpose of the Age Friendly initiative is to ensure that these areas are great places to grow old and where older people are valued and respected. This conference aims to establish Age Friendly Alliances that will identify the priorities and concerns of older people. Alliances will work to increase participation and improve the health, wellbeing and access to services of older people throughout the Ards and North Down and Lisburn and Castlereagh areas. To register for the event email 

Contact Suicide Prevention - What Works? Conference
17th November 2016, Belfast

6th International Suicide Prevention - What Works? Conference. For more info click here.

22nd Annual Regional Sexual Health Conference 2016
23rd November 2016, Ramada Plaza

Celebrating 22 years of Conference, this year’s event will bring together a wide range of experts who will present up-to-date research and activities from throughout the UK and Ireland through keynote presentations and interactive workshops. Further info to follow.

The Independence of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector
 28th November 2016, Stormont

Over the last few years, the Building Change Trust has been interested in the independence of the Voluntary, Community and Social Enterprise Sector - namely, its independence from government here in Northern Ireland. They are now launching our findings. To attend the event 
click here.

Unfinished Peace. Brian Rowan, journalist and author

30th November 2016, University of Ulster

Brian will speak about what he means by an Unfinished Peace and on the challenges of reporting a peace process. For more info 
click here.

Demystifying the Public Appointments Process

Public bodies make decisions that affect almost every aspect of our daily lives, from the arts, to education to health to transport to sport. A ‘public appointment’ is an appointment to the Board of Directors of a Public Body. Have you ever thought about applying for a public appointment but were put off by the process or because you thought it wasn’t for you? The Commissioner for Public Appointments is keen to encourage a wider and more diverse pool of people to put themselves forward for appointment to the Boards of our Public Bodies. For more information on the workshops available click here: 
CPA NI Workshop Flyer

How the Assembly Works

This is a free education programme that will provide you with a brief overview of the Assembly, how it works and how you can engage more effectively with it. The training is focused on improving your ability to engage with the Assembly. Sessions start at 9.30am and finish at approximately 1215pm, followed by an optional tour of Parliament Buildings. To find out when the next event or training session will be held, please click here. 



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